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Jesse's 2008 Party Mix 

[UPDATE: En el verano de 2006 pagué 30 dólares o así por una aplicación de Flash llamada "Wimpy MP3 Player" que es la fundación del reproductor tipo "jukebox" que tengo en este blog. Hoy me di cuenta que ninguno de los jukeboxes funcionaba e investigando encontré que la aplicación no funciona con el plug-in más receiente d Flash (versión 10), y la única opción que la compañía que hizo la aplicación ofrece a sus clientes para que funcione es volver a comprar la versión más reciente de la aplicación completa. Habiendo decidido que si voy a gastar dinero en esto se lo voy a dar a alguien más, los players en esta página no funcionarán hasta que lo reemplace, y me temo que eso no será pronto... una disculpa por eso. Mientras tanto, el enlace debajo que dice "Escuchar" no funcionará si tienes el plug-in de Flash más reciente.]
[UPDATE: In the summer of '06 I shelled out 30 bucks or so for a Flash application called "Wimpy MP3 Player" that's the foundation for the jukebox-type player I have on this blog. Today I realized none of the jukeboxes are playing and reading into it, I found that the application doesn't work with the newest Flash plug-in (version 10), and the software publisher's only offer to its customers to get it to work is to buy the most recent version of their app in full. Having decided that if I'm going to pay again for that it won't be to them, all the players on this page won't be working until I replace the player, and I'm afarid that won't be very soon... sorry about that. I'll post a note when they're enabled again. In the meantime, the "Listen" link below might not work if you have the most recent Flash plug-in.]
He estado viajando desde principios de octubre con poco tiempo para escribir, así que mientras vuelva a San Francisco a finales de enero y baje las maletas por un rato, aquí está un "Party Mix" semi-improvisado de canciones editadas en 2008. Como dije cuando subí mi mix del año pasado, no es tanto un mix para bailar como uno para simplemente mantener los ánimos en movimiento; creo que además es representativo de lo que he pasado en mis sesiones en el Bliss Bar. Aquí está como un solo archivo de MP3:

Escuchar (Quizás no funcione, ver Update arriba)
Descargar (~105MB)
  I've been on the move since early October with little time to write, so until I finally return to San Francisco in late January and put the suitcases down for a while, here's a quickly-tossed-together "Party Mix" made of songs released in 2008. As I said when I posted last year's mix, it's not so much a "dance" mix as just one to keep things moving; I think it also gives a good idea of the kind of stuff I've usually spun at Bliss Bar. Here it is as a single MP3 file:

Listen (Might not work, see Update above)
Download (~105 MB)
El tracklist:
  The tracklist:
   Band/Artist  Song  Album
1  M83  We Own the Sky (Jesse's Edit of the Maps Remix)  Saturdays = Youth
2  MGMT  Kids (Soulwax Remix)  Oracular Spectacular
3  Cut Copy  Lights and Music  In Ghost Colours
4  Hercules and Love Affair  Blind  (Eponymous)
5  Hot Chip  Ready for the Floor (Jesse's Multiple Mix)  Made In the Dark
6  Chromeo  Fancy Footwork  Fancy Footwork
7  Ratatat  Shempi  LP3
8  Foals  Heavy Water  Antidotes
9  Ovni  Tu Necesidad  ¡Aterrizaje!
10  Beck  Gamma Ray  Modern Guilt
11  Clinic  The Witch  Do It
12  The Ting Tings  Great DJ  We Started Nothing
13  Sigur Rós  Gobbledigook  Med sud í eyrum vid spilum endalaust
14  The Dodos  Fools  Visiter
15  Vampire Weekend  Walcott  (Eponymous)
16  Bloc Party  Ion Square  Intimacy
17  The Verve  Love Is Noise  Forth
18  The Helio Sequence  Keep Your Eyes Ahead  Keep Your Eyes Ahead
19  The Charlatans  Oh! Vanity  You Cross My Path
20  Zoé  Nada  Reptilectric
21  My Morning Jacket  Touch Me, I'm Going to Scream (Part 2)  Evil Urges
Y como es la primer nota del año, quiero agradecer a quien sea que está leyendo esto por pasarse por aquí. A pesar de mi casi nula actividad en el último semestre, el blog tuvo más de 9000 visitas este año. Comentarios dejados en mi libro de huéspedes o en notas individuales son siempre apreciadas. Esperemos que el 2009 resulte ser el mejor año de la década. (¡Bush dejando la presidencia es ciertamente un buen principio!)
  And since this is the first post of the year, I want to thank whoever may be reading this for stopping by. Despite my almost null activity in the last semester, the blog still managed to get over 9000 visitors this year. Notes left on the guestbook or on individual posts are always appreciated. Let's hope that 2009 turns out to be the best year of the naughties. (With Bush leaving office, we're certainly off to a good start!)

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I would never be able to make such a post because I no longer have the ability to remember music I bought just a few months ago. It all runs together as one great glorious blur. At this moment I'm addicted to Marching Band "Travel in Time" which was a KCRW top tune. Last night I was addicted Half-Truism off the latest album by the Offspring. Last month I spent a week or more obsessed with Patrick Park's two albums. And I have a continued obsession with Doug Burr, particularly Graniteville.

I love the Killers album, and the Travis and the Snow Patrol (best snow patrol yet). I disliked the Keane album so much I won't even listen to it again. I finally got a copy of Happy the Man, by the Guggenheim Grotto, so that was extra exciting. I was firmly addicted to Nada Surf in 2008, thanks to KCRW, so I have Let Go and Lucky at the moment. The Weight is a Gift is still on my wishlist.

And that's what I remember of last year, and I know it misses like, all of last winter.
Wow, what a pleasant read, I wish I got more comments like this... so much good stuff to look into! Wasn't '08 a great year? I read a review in The Onion the other day that started by saying, "In a year that was like 5...". Anyway, thanks for all the name dropping, I've been out of the loop the last few months, but your recommendations are always welcome. Specially if they come from KCRW ;-) I went to a Little Dragon show sponsored by them in April, it was great, and found out of School of Seven Bells through them, too, not long ago. Hope all's well with you!
Voy por el segundo intento de descarga, a ver si esta vez no se me cuelga. Ya te diré qué tal. ¡Gracias! :D
Mr. Garza, estoy descargándome el Party Mix 2008. Ya te digo algo cuando lo oiga pero por lo que veo tiene muy buena pinta. Ya te cuento si se me movieron los piés para bailar o para ir a parar el reproductor, ha ha :p
¡Un abrazo!
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